Types of Electronic Cig Accessories

So you just purchased your first electronic cigarette starter kit and now you’re wondering what kind of accessories you can buy to make the whole vaping experience even better.

There are quite a few accessories out there that you can buy from electronic cig supply stores.

First off is a PCC otherwise known as a personal charging case. This will keep your e cig charged up while you’re away from an outlet or computer.

You can also upgrade batteries for looks and for extended life. Don’t be content with the basic batteries that were supplied with your kit. Go big with the extended life batteries and vape for hours.

Different chargers are available too. Wall chargers, USB chargers and car chargers are all available for your electronic cigarette.

When you move on to the more advanced electronic cigarettes and move away from the cigarette look a like devices you can get many more accessories.

New cartridges, wicks, colored tanks, tubes, drip shields, fuse, mouthpieces, cones tools and a lot more to personalize your device and make it work perfectly for you.